PI:               Prof. J. Tinsley Oden
Co-PI:         Profs. Kenneth R. Diller, James C. Browne, Chandra Bajaj, and John D. Hazle
MembersProfs. Ivo Babuska, Leszek Demkowicz
                   Drs. Jon Bass, Yusheng Feng, Nichole Rylander,
                   Serge Prudhomme, Jason Stafford, Luc Bidaut,
                   and post-doctoral fellows and graduate studens. Fuentus, Andrea Hawkins

Austin Team

First Row (from left): Ivo Babuska, Ken Diller, J. Tinsley Oden, Chandra Bajaj, and Jim Browne

Second Row (from left): David Fuentes, Yusheng Feng, Nichole Rylander, Samrat Goswami, and Jessica Zhang

Third Row (from left): Andrea Hawkins, Jon Bass, and Serge Prudhomme

Houston Team

The photograph will be available soon.




Dr. Nichole Rylander is presenting.




Weekly Project Meeting