Collaborative Research on a Dynamic Data-Driven System for Laser Treatment of Cancer

This collaborative research effort, sponsored by National Science Foundation, focuses on developing computer-simulation-based methods that could significantly enhance the effectiveness of laser therapy for cancer, particularly prostate cancer. The research team consists of experts in biomedical engineering, computational and applied mathematics, computer science, visualization and imaging physics from UT-Austin and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

The UT-Austin work will be conducted by an interdisciplinary team within ICES, the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, led by Dr. J. Tinsley Oden, Principal Investigator of the project and Director of ICES. Dr. Kenneth Diller, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Dr. James C. Browne and Dr. Chandrajit Bajaj of ICES and the Department of Computer Sciences are Co-PI's.

The M. D. Anderson team in Houston will be led by Dr. John Hazle, Chair of the Department Imaging Physics. The project will be supported under NSF's Dynamic-Data-Driven-Application Systems Program created to integrate computer simulation technologies with measurement devices to greatly enhance the fidelity of computer models of various physical systems.

For questions and comments, please send your email to Dr. Jon Bass or Dr. Yusheng Feng.